Sermons from First John

by Jim Newheiser

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First John Chapter 1

The Apostolic Proclamation of Christ (First John 1:1-4) PDF
Walking in God's Light (First John 1:5-7) PDF
Confess Your Sins (First John 1:8-10) PDF

First John Chapter 2

Jesus Christ the Righteous Advocate (First John 2:1-2) PDF
Those Who Know God Obey God (First John 2:3-6) PDF
Those who are In God's Light Love (First John 2:7-11) PDF
Assurance for Every Member of God's Family (First John 2:12-14) PDF
Do Not Love the World (First John 2:15-17) PDF
Antichrists and Christians (First John 2:18-21) PDF
Confessing Christ and Abiding in the Truth (First John 2:22-27) PDF
Reasons for Righteousness (First John 2:28-29) PDF

First John Chapter 3

The Present and Future Glory of the Children of God (First John 3:1-3) PDF
Live Righteously in Light of Jesusí First Coming (First John 3:4-10) PDF
Love: A Matter of Life and Death (First John 3:10b-18) PDF
Confidence Before God (First John 3:19-24) PDF

First John Chapter 4

The Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Error (First John 4:1-6) PDF
God is Love (First John 4:7-12) PDF
Grounds of Assurance (First John 4:13-16) PDF
No Fear in Love (First John 4:17-18) PDF
We Love because He First Loved Us (First John 4:19-21) PDF

First John Chapter 5

The Cause and the Effects of the New Birth (First John 5:1-5) PDF
Evidence that Demands a Verdict (First John 5:6-12) PDF
Assurance, Prayer, and the Sin unto Death (First John 5:13-17) PDF
Three Things We Know (First John 5:18-20) PDF
Guard Yourselves from Idols! (First John 5:21) PDF